Cate Blanchett on researching her role for Blue Jasmine [x]


Michelle Fairley + Richard Madden, perpetual chemistry

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Oberyn was ever the viper. Deadly, dangerous, unpredictable. No man dared tread on him.


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Game of Thrones Alternate Universe
The Roaring Twenties

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I did spend a lot of time with Michelle Fairley who’s my kind of No. 1 person on the show. We have respect for each other as actors, but we also have a real close trust, so that as performers we can exchange notes with each other and be engaged in a way that I think is rare with actors, especially if you’ve not worked together a lot. But Michelle and I have that intimacy and dialogue and once we get on set, we can snap into something so quickly and get the detail and subtleties in place and push and pull each other.

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Oh, did you mean life ruiners? otp? perfect angels? fuckers? idiots? OTP AGAIN DID I SAY LIFE RUINERS ALREADY BECAUSE

Do you regret it? Not even a little bit.

buildings of american horror story + color palettes